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Social media branch

The Community Manager work as a link between a brand and your possible customers

We operate the community for improving the brand online results and progress the company SEO as well as:

Establish and improve the relationship with an increase community of followers among those who are the possible costumers of the company

Transmit the philosophy and the principles of the company

Also we create engagement with the brand and get involved the users to improve the services and the products of the brand, we create a link between the opinion of the users and the company services

community manager barcelona

Community managers

We search the appropriate social media channels and the suitable brand positioning and then manage:

We carry out customized actions for your company according to the initial media plan, including:

Writing, publishing, and distributing content in each medium

Management of comments: We respond, clarify doubts, keep the community active

We monitor and evaluate the results to optimize the company's social media strategy

SEM Advertising PPC

We manage the advertising campaigns in the advertising platforms.

We manage campaigns of PPC in the main social networks:

Facebook Ads and Newsfeed, Twitter Ads and Linkedin Ads

Create and optimize content, text and pictures of the companies

Configure the advertisement, segmentation and the keywords

We evaluate the conversions and the impact on each company

We are Partner certificates

Social Media

We offer you different solutions in social media and social networks 100% adapted as your business, brand, product or service.

Community managers are a very desired profile for the brands because they have the knowledge to communicate with the online community and control the social networks.

Website analytics

Obtain important information for your social media campaigns.

We are one of the online marketing agencies pioneering the use of analytica tools such as Google analytics, this allows us to measure not only sales and conversions but also provide information on how visitors use social profiles